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Divine Tantric Healing Massage


Tantric Healing MassageWhy would you choose to have a tantric massage?

There are two main reasons healing and pleasure. One thing is for sure, tantric massage is greatly misunderstood.

To understand it as a healing modality we must see it essentially the same as what most body work treatments are about, reconnecting with body, mind and spirit.
Tantric massage activates sexually energy for healing purposes working on a deep intimate level merging disparate parts of the self to create inner union and wholeness.

There are a range of reasons why people choose this method of healing to help them and usually the personal conflicting issues stem from a lack of acceptance or confidence with the self, body or sexuality. The repercussions and severity of such inner turmoil and rejection of self obviously differ from person to person, but at its worst they can affect every aspect of one’s life making it impossible to form any level of intimate relationship.

There is only so far psychoanalytical therapies can take a person when they eventually need to get away from ‘mind ‘and intellectualising the problem to actually embracing it and stepping through it. Our therapists are dually qualified practitioners and more than happy to work at the clients pace as they become ready to open up for healing and self love like a flower slowly opening its petal’s. Often after the first session there is a positive aftermath of increased confidence, self esteem and acceptance


Tantric massage for pleasure attracts different people for different reasons. The emphasis is on relaxation and the journey of awakening the bodies’ senses not on climaxing. Tantric bodywork is about taking time to be in the body, to soak up the sensations it can give you. It is an experience that leaves you feeling fulfilled and complete not hankering after more more more.

Tantric massage at divine body bliss is an active meditation. You are guided to leave the busy mind aside for the duration of the session, to be present with every touch; such presence brings a magnitude to the sensations you will experience. Doing this can put one in an almost deep hypnotic trance state, getting you in touch with your essential and sensual self, creating a deep sense of inner wholeness and peace.

Yes, unexpectedly personal issues may surface for healing during a massage you intend to solely be for pleasure and that is okay! It is deeply rooted in most people to be ashamed of sexual energy. There are so many wrong’s and rights about how, where and why sexually energy should and can be expressed.

To bring it back to basics we believe it is imperative to strip away false beliefs and taboo’s around sexual energy. If it is repressed, judged or denied it goes underground but never lays quiet.

We believe unexpressed or twisted sexual energy shouts to be heard and leak’s out in people as perversion, sexually addiction and varying degrees of mental and physical illness. The sense of wellbeing that is achieved is instant and spills out through all aspects of our lives; thus creating long lasting positive change especially with how we see ourselves, others and life.

“Whenever some bliss happens, trust it; go in that direction…and you will be moving towards God. Bliss is his fragrance.” Osho

It is a natural force of energy, part of being human, the source of creation behind everything we can see; it is primal and pure creative energy.

To be at one with our self we need to be at one and embrace everything that makes us complete and whole.

Benefits of a session include:

  • Increasing self esteem and confidence
  • Aiding depression , anxiety, panic disorders
  • Increasing libido and zest for life
  • Increasing positive body image
  • Healing negative attitudes toward sexuality possible due to past trauma or from a strict religious up bringing
  • Releasing negative emotions held deep in the body such like fear, shame, disgust
  • Releasing a sense of inner joy and happiness
  • Normalising sexuality and naturism
  • Increasing self Love and acceptance therefore enabling positive changes in how we relate to others
  • Assisting in the healing of psychological sexual dysfunctions
  • Embracing your divine nature
  • Increasing inner Freedom, Oneness and awakening
  • Creating unity with the self and the spirit
  • Aligning you with your inner BLISS

Initially there will be space to discuss expectations, hopes and fears. It is a chance to clarify what you want to achieve, maybe setting an intention or purpose to use the energy cultivated for healing some aspect of your life.

This is a relaxing full body sensual deep tissue massage using warm scented oils. It is carried out on a floor futon aiding total support of the whole body. It can include lingam/yoni massage. ‘Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ and is loosely translated as "Wand of Light. ‘Yoni’ is the female equivalent translating as ‘Sacred Space’.

Both deep and sensuous strokes will ease your muscles, tantalise the senses, ground you in your body and hypnotise the mind into a quiet space of meditation. Here we can bring sacred honouring to the whole body enhancing equilibrium within and without; a dance for your divine and sensual self.

You are invited to drop deeply inside yourself, open to your soul and receive through the healing power of sexual energy.

‘Sexual energy is ONE expression of SOURCE energy through the body. There are many... feelings of LOVE, feelings of JOY, feelings of INSPIRATION; these are all blessings from the universe’.


We can also recommend a bona fide male practitioner for male or female clients if desired just ask!

This is a non-discriminatory, non judgmental, confidential service open to ALL

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